Friday, April 11, 2014

Geocaching Adventures

A couple Sunday's back, after church I drove to Rockport to pick up Beth and Gavin for some geocache adventures.  We headed into Grandview for some finds and then tried to finish up a few finds in Rockport, and then drove to Owensboro to DQ for banana split blizzards!  Yummy!

The bush below proved to be challenging for a chubby girl!  LOL!!  But I persevered and finally found it!  

Now I finally know what a bison tube is!  LOL!

I wasn't able to retrieve the geocache at the one at the bluff, however it was a fun time exploring down there.   

Here's to many more weekends geocaching with my sister and Gavin!

My Date With Gavin

I forgot I never blogged about my date with Gavin that we had a few weeks ago.  I picked him up one Saturday afternoon and we headed off to the park off the blue bridge and then to DQ for some ice cream :)  What date would be better than that!?!?

As you can tell by the sky, it was an exceptionally amazing sunny day with not a cloud in sight!

What a better way to cool off from a day of play than to dip your piggies into the fountain!  I don't really think people are supposed to actually be in the fountain, but other kids were doing it, and the policeman patrolling didn't say anything so we partook in the fun too!  Well Gavin did at least.  I just partook in the picture taking for memories later :)

And when Aunt Stace didn't have any coins on her to throw into the water, you just scoop up what's already in there and toss those!

And when you eat ice cream and pull on your ears....your tongue comes out! :O

Here's to many more trips to the park and to DQ for banana split blizzards!  Love you bubby!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring color is popping up everywhere...

I've noticed in the last few days that spring has finally arrived! Saturday when I got off work, I went driving around a little bit to capture some color since I've seen drab winter color for so long!

I wonder if he's the same little fatty that I captured last year...Little Squirrel

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Saturday Funday!

On this particular Saturday I picked up Gavin and we spent the day playing at the park with Zoe and Kassidy.  Then headed to the Robinson Farm to play with Miss Kitty and Zoe and pick up golf balls from the field.  And ended the evening with Sandy's pizza and playing putt-putt and laser tag!








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